Small_Q02 Database Development Examples

Manufacturing Example
A wooden stair components manufacturer creates stair parts for installation at building sites. Several styles of stair parts with varying degrees of complexity with various wood species need a comprehensive quoting, order tracking, invoicing and accounts receivable database solution. The custom database system will produce sales documents for customers showing all available patterns. Customer and volume discounts are applied to each item as well as suggested retail prices. Shipping costs are included in the price list. Order entry automatically applies species charges, customer and volume discounts for each order placed. Separate manufacturing orders are sent to various production departments and a master order is sent to the shipping department. Partial shipments can be invoiced separately. Order is marked complete when all items are invoiced. Invoices are aged for collections. Receivables are handled and a cash report is sent to accounting.

Journal Publishing Example
Scientists submit documentation of their significant work to Journals published for release to the scientific community. A custom database oversees and controls the entire process. Peer reviewers judge submissions for content and originality. Reviewers are contacted when a submission is received and papers are made available to a reviewer for comment. The paper is authorized for publication after editor review of both the reviewers comments and the submitted paper. Dates of submission are critical, marking the time of the original work and data security which is essential. Many iterations of the review and author rewrite may be necessary and timely publishing is critical. The database tracks the submission through the review process, accounts for the number of days required to process the submission and submits the paper and documentation electronically to the publisher from remote locations. Since documentation of the process is critical, an extensive mail management module and history module are pivotal. An auto E-mail system reminds reviewers and authors of timely submission deadlines.

Invention Tracking Example
A research foundation handles intellectual property through the patent process, marketing the product and signing agreements that yield new products. Security is especially important when dealing with patentable ideas and critical dates must be met to insure protection of the ideas. The custom database logs the idea and the method of public disclosure of information. The database contacts attorneys for patent processing, exchanges critical information with potential licensed companies and negotiates terms and conditions. In addition, the database provides tracking of the ongoing patent requirements and distribution of the proceeds. A mail merge module is critical to this system, sending and recording electronic and mailed letters to interested parties. Date manipulation is also crucial for timely payments of patent fees and renewal of licenses.

Financial Services Example
A custom database is the ideal way to accurately account for professional time and expenses when providing financial services. Since some projects are taken on contingent basis an accurate method to track progress, time and expenses is especially necessary. The QuinteSystems database provides for easy time tracking and notes applied to each time entry. Individuals or associates can log time quickly and in great detail. Managers can view projects showing individuals time sheets and expense statements. Corporate revenue is reported accurately to provide management with correct project progress information. Ease of entry of time and expenses is the strong point of this system. Invoicing, accounts receivable and payment tracking round out the database. Financial summaries are electronically posted to the accounting program.

Room Booking System Example
Stranded airline passengers get accommodations at a reasonable rate when using our hotel reservation system. When an airline misses connections hundreds of passengers need rooms in a hurry. The custom database maintains availability of hotel rooms in critical market areas for member airlines. Hundreds of rooms are booked by one airline agent phone call. Hotels subscribe to this important service and benefit from every booking. One high volume booking agent office books as many as 5000 rooms per night and works around the clock providing its needed services. Agents work with airline and guest customers in real time providing reservation numbers on the first call. Invoicing, accounts receivable and payments complete this custom application.

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