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Project Management
Project Management provides a systematic approach to understanding project needs and organizational impact. By understanding the need, gathering information, informing stakeholders, assessing risks, creating a work breakdown structure project management methods are used to successfully implement change in organizations.

E-rate Filing Assistance
E-rate discounts can greatly reduce telecommunications costs for Schools and Libraries. We will review or create procedures for establishing student counts and filings. We will assist in getting most favorable treatment from telecommunications providers. 

Custom Database Solutions
Custom databases store specific information in a permanent manner so that authorized employees can access relevant data to make effective real time management decisions.
Custom databases provide for one time data entry and storage of necessary data. The database is able to keep permanent electronic records that can be updated with little effort and remain current through day to day operations.
Custom databases are designed to be flexible enough to adapt to the changing need of today’s agile companies and organizations and through modifications and additions be an effective tool long into the future.
Database Development Process

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Web Based Solutions
Websites can provide access to data via web browsers. Data that will be available to a large or widely dispersed audience can best be displayed on a website and accessed with web browsers. Login access can provide security for sensitive information. A very flexible way to present database information to a large population.